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BSEL Commercial Complex

Client:BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd.
Associate Architect:Arvind Shah
Design Team:Nitin Killawala
Sharad Kale
Samuel George
Consultants:Harshad Gokani + Hemant Vadalkar (Structural)
Design Bureau (Utilities)
Area:215000 Sq.ft.
Completion Year: 2006
Location:Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Building Type:Office Building
The Building is strategically located in the international InfoTech Park across the Vashi Railway Station. The Ultimate aim of the building is to provide savvy and tech oriented companies with an infrastructure which will enhance the organization's efficiency as well as growth. The first two floors of the building are dedicated for shops & restaurants while the remaining eleven floors are office spaces. The end of the two wings are marked by vertical service-cores and bear the logo of its developers which contribute to the buildings' landmark character along with a prime circular office block which was originally designed for a revolving restaurant, now throws up an overall view of the entire tech park.