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Dadasaheb Falke Memorial Park

Client:Nasik Municipal Corporation
Design Team:Akhil Dadkar
Paresh Anjarlekar
Nitin Killawala
Consultants:Damie Thakurdesai (Structural)
Amod Shevde (Landscape)
Area:25000 Sq.Ft.
Completion Year: 2001
Building Type:Memorial Park
Realised from the design competition for the memorial to commemorate Dada Saheb Phalke who was born in Tryambakeshwar, Nasik. This is the Nasik Municipal Corporation's homage to his contribution to Indian Cinema. The winning concept was "A memorial in a park", since the 30 acre site was within as area designated as an amusement park, at the base of the famous Pandav Caves. The requirements were simple - three museum size halls for permanent and temporary exhibitions, a small auditorium space for screening movies, a food court, space for Archeology Department and few guest rooms. Given the paucity of large public spaces a complex such as this is an endeavor to be a space in which people gather, by addressing their needs through a simple vocabulary.