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Diamond Jubilee High School

Client:Aga Khan Education Society of India
Design Team:Nitin Killawala
Himanshu Upadhayay
Samuel George
Consultants:Amod Shevde (Landscape)
Siddhi Consultants (Electrical)
P.T.Gala (Structural)
Area:140000 Sq.Ft.
Completion Year: 2006
Location:Mazgaon, Mumbai
Building Type:Educational School
AKES is one of the foremost trust imparting high standards of education in various cities in India. The long narrow plot in the heart of Central Mumbai pause challenge to basic design of a contemporary school complex. The structure abutting the main road has Multipurpose Hall, a Sports Complex and offices of the trust while the main school building is planned at the rear of the land away from the busy road and adjoining a playground. Floor plates of both the structure reduce as it goes up to form series of terraces at the same time visually reduces the volume.