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Client:Killawala Family
Design Team:Nitin Killawala
Consultants:Sritec Consultant (Structural)
Amod Shevde (Landscape)
Area:1500 Sq.Ft.
Completion Year: 1995
Location:Vajapur, Maharashtra
Building Type:Private Residential Bungalow
Trikalayam is a resort house perched on the foothills of Matheran and Prabal valleys. The idea was to create a fragmented house which integrated with its surroundings. The casual informal week end house comprises an open courtyard in the center which acts as a seating area and connects the covered areas separately like the living room, kitchen and the two bed rooms. Each room is a square and a half-cut pyramidal roof which gives an altogether different dimension to the inner structure. M.S Louvers and windows made out of M.S. frames and Bamboo sticks open out into varied view frames and provide cross ventilation. Stone walls on all four sides retain earth mounds which provide thermal insulation and works as a key landscape element.