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Glenmark Research Centre

Client:Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Design Team:Nitin Killawala
Sanjeev Doshi
Shailesh Panchal
Consultants:Gala Associates (Structural)
Design Bureau (Utilities)
Area:75000 Sq.ft.
Completion Year: 2000
Location:Mahape, Navi Mumbai
Building Type:Research Laboratory
Pharma based laboratories configured between ground and first floors. The non-lab areas planned with curved forms, whereas few labs occupy the ground floor, while the rest located on the upper floor level aggregating to 14 labs blocks, with an area embarked for expansion. The basement houses the animal room with its highly sterile conditions and the essential services. A distinct identity is enthused with two distinct diagonal walls yellow and blue, which define the library and the cafeteria along with their respective courts. Unlike routine institutional canteen facilities, the cafeteria here has been designed on the principle of trendy cafe where the technicians and scientist can take a casual break Corridor spaces are well articulated connecting laboratories and a huge triangular courtyard.