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Nektar Therapeutics

Client:Nektar Therapeutics (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Design Team:Nitin Killawala
Shailesh Bagtharia
Consultants:Suresh Sanghvi (Structural)
Amod Shevade (Landscape)
Area:75000 Sq.ft.
Completion Year: 2010
Location:Shameerpeth, Hyderabad
Building Type:Research Centre
An R & D Center perched on a typical bouldered site at Shameerpeth, the outskirts of Hyderabad City. The low rise spread out Research center has three distinct sets of laboratories which include, Analytical Research, Corporate Research with Kilo lab and Vivarium to hold small segments of animals. All three blocks are separated with landscaped courtyards and connected with a 3 meter wide "Knowledge Avenue." At two ends this avenue starts with an administration block with a library in the middle and culminated with the cafeteria and an 80 seater Seminar Hall. Once again, use of primary colours of Red, Yellow and Blue are used externally as well as internally to identify each of the functional lab spaces.