Re-Inventing Dharavi, Mumbai

Re-inventing Dharavi was an international Ideas competition organized by UDRI, with an aim to explore alternative solutions for the future of Dharavi, a prescient often referred to as Asia’s largest slum within the city of Mumbai.

As a part of the competition entry, one of our principal claims was to eliminate the role of the developer, wherein the provision of all housing stalk would be the sole responsibility of Dharavi Redevelopment Authority in co-ordination with MAHDA, and no housing stalk would be put for sale in the real estate market.

Further the proposal tried to capture the industrial urbanism within Dharavi, focusing on alternative work – live housing typologies to accommodate a variety of production units which co – exist within this large slum.

Team: Nimit Killawala, Nitin Killawala, Parag Mishra, Zarmina Siddiqui