Pushpa Narsee Park, Mumbai

Pushpa Narsee Park is a Municipal Garden, located in the heart of Juhu, a prominent suburb of Mumbai.

The Park boast’s of being one of the first cycling parks in Mumbai, where the principle strategy was the planning of these separate pathways, one for cycling – the other for pedestrians, along a triangular periphery, with the center left as an open garden.

The cycling track is elevated at certain places, so as not to obstruct the walkers below. The entire Park is lifted considerably above the surrounding road level, allowing a greater visibility to the ongoing activities within its premises.

The Central garden has a large lawn space, with its peripheries dotted with many large trees. Such a setting along with a dedicated children’s play area, allow the facility to function as a popular picnic spot for kids within the surrounding neighborhood.

Design Team : Nitin Killawala