Sandoz pvt ltd, Kalwe, Thane

Sandoz Research centre is perched in a quiet corner, of a 26 acre - Pharma manufacturing site in Kalwe - Thane. Like most other R + D centre's designed by the firm, one of the primary concerns was the integration of functional offices supporting Advanced Research facilities.

Given the specific site constraints, along with a series of existing trees, the building was conceived as a single container of functions - punctured by a central courtyard- providing a visual relief, to a rather deep interior of a Pharma research centre.

Project Facts + Design Team

Year of Completion


Design Team

Nitin Killawala, Sanjeev Doshi, Samuel George

HVAC Engineers


Structural Engineers

Kaivat. C. Shah


Sandoz Pvt Ltd.


Kalwe, Thane

Project Area

1,35,000 sqft.