Photography  Dinesh Mehta
TextNitin Killawala
Nimit Killawala
DesignNimit Killawala
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Getz Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Ambernath, Maharashtra
Project Facts + Design Team
DateDesign TeamHVAC Engineers
2009Nitin Killawala
Sanjeev Doshi
Shailesh Panchal
Techno Solutions
ClientsStructural EngineersLandscape
Getz Pharma Pvt Ltd.Sritec ConsultantsAmod Shevde
Additional Ambernath (Maharashtra)
Project Area
37,000 Sqft

Getz Pharma located in Ambernath, is a 'Pharma Contract' research organization specializing in the design, testing and evaluation of heath care products for life sciences companies across the globe.

One of the primary challenges of this project was the careful integration of offices with advanced research facilities, engendering a sense of community.

The interior is thus conceived around a central Atrium which unlike most other typologies, not only operates as a 'void' , but also serves as a functional area, linked visually through the height of the central light well.

The corridor tying individual zones is strategically expanded on the upper levels, with an intention of generating variations in the visual frame, as well as in diluting the edge of the atrium. This casual relationship between the circulation and the core, allows certain facilities like the library and meeting rooms to function as informal 'touch down work areas'.

The use of perforated metallic screens (in place of conventional glass) helps in providing greater legibility to the activities of the core, hence inducing a sense of participation and team work across the facility.