Photography  Dinesh Mehta
TextNitin Killawala
Nimit Killawala
DesignNimit Killawala
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Sandoz Pvt Ltd Kalwe, Thane
Project Facts + Design Team
DateDesign TeamHVAC Engineers
2010Nitin Killawala
Sanjeev Doshi
Samuel George
ClientsStructural Engineers
Sandoz Pvt Ltd.Kaivat. C. Shah
Kalwe, Thane
Project Area
1,35,000 Sqft

Sandoz Research centre is perched in a quiet corner, of a 26 acre - Pharma manufacturing site in Kalwe - Thane. Like most other R + D centre's designed by the firm, one of the primary concerns was the integration of functional offices supporting Advanced Research facilities.

Given the specific site constraints, along with a series of existing trees, the building was conceived as a single container of functions - punctured by a central courtyard- providing a visual relief, to a rather deep interior of a Pharma research centre.

A primary corridor wraps around this courtyard, feeding into assorted lab areas, which in turn get organized through the logic of process driven circulation. The provision of tea points, meeting areas, lounges - even open workstations along the primary circulation, serve as pause points, infusing a casual relationship between circulation and core work areas.

An extensive network of pipes, ducts, extractors and utilities, required in most research centre's, demanded utility blocks, acting as buffers between labs and external walls, resulting in the overall Architecture of the Facility.