Photography  Dinesh Mehta
TextNitin Killawala
Nimit Killawala
DesignNimit Killawala
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Nektar Therapeutics Shameerpeth, Hyderabad
Project Facts + Design Team
DateDesign TeamHVAC Engineers
2010Nitin Killawala
Shailesh Bagtharia
ClientsStructural EngineersLandscape
Nektar Therapeutics (India) Pvt. Ltd.Sanghvi AssociatesAmod Shevde
Shameerpeth, Hyderabad
Project Area
75,000 Sqft

Nektar therapeutics is located on an undulating site at Sameerpeth on the outskirts of Hyderabad city.

The design of the R + D Centre blends with, and uses this natural topography of the site, wherein all laboratories - including Analytical Research, Corporate Research along with a kilo lab and a Vivarium have been broken down into smaller blocks, interspersed with courtyards, ensuring that the topography of the site remains largely un- altered.

The courtyards besides providing a visual relief, help in creating a sense of campus and are tied through a 3mts wide avenue, unfolding a sequence of spaces along the way, beginning with the Administration block at the entrance, a library in the middle, before culminating into a 80 seat Seminar hall at the rear end of the site.

A quintessential use of bright colours, externally as well as internally help to identify Specific Laboratories within the larger facility.