Photography  Dinesh Mehta
TextNitin Killawala
Nimit Killawala
DesignNimit Killawala
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Duplex 04 Mumbai
Project Facts + Design Team
DateDesign TeamConsultants
1987Nitin KillawalaGabriel Electric Corp
ClientsStructural EngineersCivil
Aruna KillawalaP.T. GalaKhetan + Doshi
Juhu, Mumbai
Project Area
10,000 sqft

Duplex 04 plays a significant role in the evolution of G7 Architect’s. It was planned to accommodate 4 duplex apartments as well as a studio for the firm. Each duplex has its own balconies, terraces, gardens and outdoor seating, yet each is completely private.

The building is conceived with a system of 3 x 4 mts grids with an insertion of half a grid of 2 x 4 mts along an East-West axis. Variations in openings are a result of different sill and lintel levels as well as a play of double height within selective areas.

With over 3 decades since its construction, the office has undergone numerous modifications, however a robust structural grid has allowed for synthesis of new functional divisions along with the existing.

With its stepped terraces, amidst a sea of apartments, utilizing every square inch of space, D4’s architecture is reminiscent of the apartment/ bungalow typologies which once characterized Juhu Scheme.